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PV and the Heartbeats (Rock 'n' Roll)   This band from Holland plays mostly American and B... read more
Radio Texas (Rockabilly)   Right !!! Who's the funny guy who told me the rock... read more
Ranch Girls, the (Rock)   Great band from Holland with a lot of influences f... read more
Rattlekings, the (Rockabilly)   Here’s another neo-rockabilly band for you! I have... read more
Rebel Rockers, the (Rockabilly)   Neo-rockabilly quartet from Long Island! Check o... read more
Red Shots, the (Rockabilly)   The Red Shots from Utrecht, Holland is named after... read more
Red Stick Ramblers, the (Various)   This band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana was formed i... read more
Rencontrez L’amour (Surf)   These surfers come from Kortrijk (also called “Tex... read more
Reno Brothers, the (Rockabilly)   The Reno Brothers The band started in may 1999 an... read more
Reverend HotRod (Rockabilly)   This Belgian combo brings raw and straightforward ... read more
Rhumba Kings, the (Rockabilly)   Frantic rockabilly with Mark Sprex, Thierry Limele... read more
Richard, Belton (Cajun)   This amazing singer and song writer was born in 19... read more
Riley, Billy Lee (Rockabilly)   I took this picture of Billy and his wife at their... read more
Rio Trio, El (Rockabilly)   El Rio Trio is a band who mixed old fashioned Rock... read more
River Zydeco Band (Zydeco)   Coming from the swamps of Raamsdonkveer in Holland... read more
Rockin' V8's, the (Rockabilly)   The Rockin` V8`s were born from a passion for earl... read more
Rowdymen, the (Rockabilly)   On a windblown, dusty day in 1997, Canada's premie... read more
Rufus Jagneaux (Swamp-pop)   Rufus Jagneaux is not the name of the singer or mu... read more
Runnin' Wild (Rockabilly)   Patric Ouchène (singer from the Domino's) started ... read more
Seatsniffers, the (Rock 'n' Roll)   This is the most successful Belgian roots band for... read more
Shane Leger & Cajun Xtreme (Cajun)   Here’s a brand new Louisiana Cajun band, formed in... read more
Slick Nick & The Casino Special   Swing Bands live on a stage are very cool and far ... read more
Slipmates (Rockabilly)   These Belgian musicians, famous from hillbilly ban... read more
Smokestack Lightnin’ (Country)   After they played in rockabilly-bands like the Bre... read more
Smooth & the Bully Boys (Rockabilly)   Smooth & the Bully Boys is a Belgian rockabilly tr... read more

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