Al Lerman : Slow Burn Ė Cd;AL002;NOAL
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Style : Blues
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Al Lerman is besides a solo blues artist, also guitarists of the Canadian blues outfit Fathead and a well asked sidekick /studio guitarist. His career spans over forty plus years or so and in those years he has seen and worked a lot. Enough to come-up wiht a solo album once in a while.

Slowburn is the third solo album by Lerman and again itís an album that brings together the many different faces of the blues. Bad Luck Blues is a bit Latin edged, while leading track Donít Push Your Mess on Me is more or less gospel inspired. On I fit takes me all night long, Lerman is tackling aging with some dark humour. Gonna Have To Wait is without doubt the track that will surface on most radio stations as this one definitely comes with a lot of airplay vibes. But donít be mistaken; tunes like Now That Your Man is gone, Anyway You want and Totally Out Of Wack might not be promoted as much as the other tunes but these are truly the tunes that define the blues on this album. Kokomo, the only rendition on this album truly rocks the time away until itís time to say goodbye though the title and closing track, Slow Burn.

Al Lerman proves once again that he is a gifted career and blues musician who won already two Juno awards (with Fathead) and is making a name of his self through his solo recordings as well.
Check it out you are a fan of Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee or Paul Butterfield.

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