The Vaudevillian : Bringing Satan Dawn – CD;Busted092;Busted Flat Records
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Bringing Satan Down is the debut release on Busted Flat Records by the Vaudevillian, a Canadian trio that not only pay tribute to the roaring twenties en thirties but also life like in the days just after the prohibition. On their shows you not only have energetic ragtime and jitterbug tunes, but they also bring their own kind of medicine show merchandise with them, next to some moonshine, records and whiskey.

With fourteen songs on the album of which many of them are self-penned, this is the album that you have to check out if you like bands like the Mississippi Sheiks, Blind Blake or Leon Redbone.
With their typical roaring twenties atmosphere, The Vaudevillian is bringing joy and fun through their recordings and shows. Washboard, kazoo, Fiddle, car horns and much more are part of the instrumentation and believe me, it’s those little extra’s that are putting the fire in their music.
Take a listen to tunes like Sail Away, Dry Bone Shuffle or Sweet Honey Thighs and prepare yourself to go back in time. Excellent music for a drinking and dancing party if you ask me.

Mr. Blue Boogie