Brock Zeman : the Carnival is Back in Town – CD;Busted Flat Records
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Style : Americana
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Throughout the course of 13 albums and extensive touring, Ottawa-area based Brock Zeman has made a name for himself as a prolific songwriter and master storyteller. The depth of his imagination and his skills as a wordsmith know no bounds, and that is evident on his 13th album the thematic The Carnival Is Back In Town.

The follow up to his 2015 masterpiece, Pulling your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back, , Brock Zeman has returned with a most brilliant concept album, devoted to the theme of an old-time travelling carnival show. On The Carnival Is Back In Town listeners will meet and quickly become endeared to the characters and the carnies, with their sad and dark stories, hopes and their dreams. Tunes like “Hammer Them Snakes Down” , “Percy Jones” or “Stitch” flirts with blues and related genres. But Brock Zeman is also a man made for a Vaudeville career as you can hear on “Come One, Come All” or on “Freakshow”. Zeman has something that can be compared to Tom Waits but somehow not as original as Waits as you can Imagine. A true carnival atmosphere can be found on the excellent “The Juggler” and since we mentioned Tom Waits, do check out “Dirty Little Secrets”.

The album is concept album that you have to listen to track after track. Also you might need a couple of spins to get it under your skin, but in the meantime you keep discovering new things with every spin. It’s definitely not you usual ready made TV-dinner but something you must indulge slowly. Taking a good whiskey, sit back in comfortable chair and listen to it over and over is good start to fully comprehend the value of this masterpiece.

Mr Blue Boogie