Jason Buie : Drifting Heart – CD;
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Style : Blues
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Jason Buie has been performing and touring on and off for the past 20 years. On these gigs he has opened for acts like Taj Mahal, Robert Cray, John Mayall, Trooper and many others. Since he released his first album he attracted the attention of many critics and blues lovers and with his third release Driftin’ Heart, he is following that same path. With 7 self-penned blues-rockers and 4 renditions of classic blues songs this album is a must for every blues afficianado.

From leading track on, “Fool From the Start”, Jason Buie set’s the tone for this excellent blues album. The opener “Fool From the Start” is a nice, blues rocker, followed by “House Party”, original penned by Eddie Harris. “Government Man” sets the tempo a bit slower but that means that we are treated on a mean but honest blues tune. The party goes on with “Westcoast Daddy”, a blues swing tune and the stroller “Driftin’ Heart”, the title track of this album. But ther is much more to discover here. Keep your ears open for tunes like “Suits me To A Tee” and “Your so Sweet” cause these are two really excellent tunes on an album filled with great music. Closing the album is Cold Cold Feeling, an Albert Collins cover dating back from 1981.

Driftin’ Heart is one of those blues albums that really has it all. The CD throws together some great classic tunes and a majority of self-penned blues songs. Furhtermore it delivers you over 35 minutes of music and is an excellent soundtrack for a lost night. Definitly something to seek out if you really care about the blues.
Mr Blue Boogie