Sugar Brown : Itís A Blues World Ė Cd;SMB003; Self-Released
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Style : Blues
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Sugar Brown : Itís A Blues World Ė Cd;SMB003; Self-Released

With Itís a Blues World, Sugar Brown releases his third album. Sugar Brown is a Toronto Based Multi Instrumentalist who has found his creative voice with this release.
He not only is able to play on several instruments but when it comes to the blues, he has a very deep and almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the genre.

Itís a blues world references to every world he creates within a blues song. From the urban thirties blues to the seventies rocking sound, every song has it own atmosphere and comes with a certain world created by the song itself.

The thirteen tunes on the album are written and composed by Sugar Brown himself, but honesty is on his place if we say that his old buddy Johnny Burgin has a hand in many things as well. If itís s not straightforward into the compositions or song writing, itís by all means because he was the man who put Sugar Brown on the guitar.

Sugar Brownís recognition came finally in 2013 and since then he has worked and played to stay on top of things. In 2017 he reached the finals of the Memphis International Blues Challenge and this year he presents us his third album. While it might not be a household name today, he certainly will become one in the coming years as you can discover for yourself on Itís a Blues World.

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