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Clown Town
Directed by Tom Nagel
Year 2016
Country USA
“Clown Town falls in the one nude scene slasher flicks category.”


Some friends on their way to a concert get sidetracked when one of their phone's goes missing. When they get stuck in a ghost town they must try to survive a band of killer clowns.
The plot is the movies' weakest link. The existence of the town isn't credible nor is it adequately explained. How did they get from kids killing the babysitter to clowns killing an entire town? Who are the rest of the clowns and how did they get away with killing an entire town?

Gore & suspense:

Not the most suspenseful movie clown town does have a few jump scares.
As for gore there doesn't appear to have been a lot of budget for special effects. Instead resorting to quick kills not seldom partly or completely off screen. The movie turns up the violence towards the end but it's mostly blows to the head. There are a few nice kills all the same. They appear to have made the best out of what was available.

The killer, the final girl, the cannon fodder, Cops and authority figures:

Clown Town has a mean looking set of killer clowns. The clowns are diverse and it's not just a fat one a thin one and a short one. All had different character traits which were conveyed by mannerisms rather than dialogue. The rest of the characters the audience doesn't get too familiar with as they wander in and out of the plot. The order in which they were killed of was surprising which adds to the fun.
The cops really aren't any help rather part of the problem.


Clown Town falls in the one nude scene slasher flicks category. The one nude scene slasher flick only have nudity because they need it to sell the movie. Is there ever another reason for nudity? Probably not but for whatever reason a very common ploy is to put one nude scene in. Sometimes they have one girl nude for a longer time period here it's a short topless scene but horndogs take what they can get right.

Location and tools

Aside from the plot he location was the most disappointing element of the film and as usual the importance is only evident when it doesn't work. The ghost town with its well kept grass doesn't emanate anything evil or threatening. There are no murder weapons specific to the location it's mostly bats a crowbar and a machete.

Slasherness and cliché's:

Instead of avoiding cliché's Clown Town embraces its heritage. The opening is a mix of Halloween and Girly* both excellent films but mixing the plot doesn't work. From our opening we go directly to the present where clowns are terrorizing a ghost town including well kept grass, I guess they decided to kill the grounds keeper last. The disappearance of entire towns' populace is hard for just one sheriff to cover up. Again what works for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which technically is not a slasher flick, doesn't work here.
While one needs to recognize that slashers are a very specific genre and as such clichés are unavoidable, and not always unwelcome, I do get tired of those references to movie classics. Cut it out already we know you love the slasher classics we do too but we'd like to see your movie now.
Despite an ode to Halloween at the start of the movie Clown Town doesn't scream slasher flick. Few of the genre conventions apply instead it borrows heavily from movies at the fringe of the genre like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Girly. They're on their way to a concert a cliché yes but not one exclusively linked to the slasher genre. Yet it's a group of friends being hunted by a pack of killer clowns who have no special powers it qualifies.


Loved the idea but it was lacking some in the execution especially the plot was disappointing. If you're a fan of killer clowns Clown Town gets a solid recommendation. For slasher fans in general it's not compulsory viewing just an above average entry in the genre.

* For those who haven't seen Girly, it's a creepy black comedy about a killer family that warrants checking out at least once.

Item added : 10/7/2017

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