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Baise Moi (AKA Rape Me)
Directed by Virginie Despentes
Country France
Year 2000
ďFor feminists worldwide this should be an orgasm of a movie.Ē

Nadine and Manu are thrown together by circumstance at a moment when both have violently have lashed out. They consider themselves victims of society that is hostile to women in particular. They both have blood on their hands when they join forces to go on a killing spree.

The release of† Baise Moi in 2000 caused some controversy. Not that people were protesting in front of cinema's, I think that's an American thing. But police in Belgium raided a cinema to check if everybody was the required age. It was enough to make it the must watch movie of the summer. Nobody I kow who saw the movie cared about the plot everybody just wanted to know what all the fuss was about and be able to say they saw the movie.

Now 18 years later upon rewatching it's clear it would be as controversial today as it was back then. Shot on video the movie looks very cheap. I guess my DVD is ready for an upgrade too but the source material is obviously flawed. The acting is good in some places worse in others. Both Karen Lancaume and RaffaŽla Anderson are porn actresses and have no other acting experience. Despite their uneven performance they give the movie some credibility. I'm not a fan of acting through life experience. Being a fireman doesn't magically give you the gift to play a fireman. But here I think it works.

Film stock and acting give this movie a rawness that makes it harder to digest. Because there's a lot to digest. The movie has a graphic rape scene hard core sex and all. There's also plenty of brutal and often pointless violence. The themes that the movie touches on are more relevant today then they were in 2000. Baise Moi has major feminist plot threads. The victims of our murdurous couple aren't exclusively male but most of them are and have some defect in their handling of women. The rapists are obvious fous but the protective uncle only out to take revenge and not care for his niece is painted as equally guilty. There's the men that judge their behaviour and others who think they can abuse women from cat calling to rape. The message gets a little diluted by the last 20 minutes of the movie as the crime spree further spirals out of control, the victims seem more arbitrary and the movie gets more exploitative. Still the message that women should be free to use their bodies without being judged or being harrased is a strong one leaving few people of the hook. Even the helpful ones get a kick in the nads for acting thouroughly superior.

The movie never gets boring it's only 77 minutes sure but it's a excellent 77 minutes. Move over Thelma and Louise if you want to get serious about feminism watch Baise Moi instead you'll have to have a strong stomach though. The movie didn't bring hard core sex to the mainstream nor did it launch the career of its director but it was a valliant effort. The exploitative nature of the movie probably prevented it from being widely excepted. For feminists worldwide this should be an orgasm of a movie.

Item added : 7/8/2018

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