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Season Three
DVD submitted by
Warner Home Video

If there is one thing I really can say about Gotham, it is that it comes with a very up-tempo pace. Lots of things are happening in the series and especially season three is one with a certain rush. Gotham is also a coming of age story and this coming of age story is a special one of course, itís the coming of age of the Dark Knight. We all know the story how batman became batman, but what really happened between the death of his parents and the first time the put on the cape? That is what Gotham is all about.

The first fifteen episodes of series three are named the Mad City. And Mad it is. Gordon works in the gutters as private eye, Mooney Fish is back as many others who where thought be dead. And Bruce Wayne is forced not to investigate the dead of his parents anymore. It becomes even worse when the Penguin runs for mayor and wins the elections and the Riddler becomes his right hand. Lee shows up again, but is now engaged with Mario the son of Boss Falcone and will soon marriage Mario. But Gordon still in love with Lee finds out Mario is dangerous and he kills Mario on his wedding day. The Penguin turns out to be gay and has fallen in love with Ed Nygma (the Riddler) however Ed has more interest in the blonde librarian Isabella who looks exactly as his former dead lover. Cobblepot is full of jealousy and kills Isabella, this however starts a series of events that leads to his own destruction.

The second part (from series sixteen on) is called Heroes Rise and itís here that we for the very first time witnesses a young Bruce Wayne that soon will transform in the Dark Knight. The up-tempo changes keep coming up as we see how Ed Nygma and The Penguin are forced to work together, Fish Mooney reveals a plan of her own, Lee tries to find a cure for the Alice Tetch virus and Bruce 2 is trying to win Selina. Add to that the threat of the court of the crystal owl and you have your common roller coaster in which James Gordon is the centre of it all.

--- Pat ---

Item added : 9/11/2017

Supernatural Season 12
DVD submitted by
Warner Home Video

There seems no stopping the Winchester brothers. With already 12 seasons completed and still going on with a weekly show the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester still have a lot of demons to catch. But while the previous shows focused on something less earthly, season 12 brings us back to earth and re-introduces Mary Winchester; the long lost and we thought dead mother of Sam & Dean. Also meet he British Men of Letters who take the show back on the old rails more or less. Not that we have a problem with the show, but personally (and I have said this many times before) I loved the old shows when there was a monster of the week instead of a demon of the season.

The story arc around Mary focuses on family, friendship and abandonment. For the brothers itís of course quite bizarre to find there mother back amongst the living and yes this evokes some feelings and memories that you would have expected. Meanwhile the arc around the Men of letters is of course one filled with villains but at the same time it also gave us the old feeling back when the boys where on the road, hunting for monsters. Of course there is still the threat of Lucifer and other demons but somehow this felt less interesting during this season. After all the feelings between Mary and her sons Dean & Sam where more common and easier to grab then an outer world demon. Somehow it also made a good change to the show for this season. After all season eleven was not always that strong and with introducing an alternative earth not only Mary can return whenever needed but also it open a gateway for other presumably lost characters. I am however curios where all this is leading to? The story line about Mary was damn powerful, making me forget about Lucifer, Nephlim and all the others. So in the end, maybe Itís time for the brothers to reunite with their old friends and family and start hunting once more that monster of the week again.

--- Pat ---
Item added : 7/11/2017

Babysitter, The
Director McG
Country USA
Year 2017
ďLike Cole Netflix is a bit of a pussy.Ē

Cole is a bit of a pussy something even his loving parents have to acknowledge. Dared by his love interest and neighbor Melanie he stays awake at night to find out if his hot babysitter has her boyfriend over. Instead of watching a couple make out he witnesses an horrific ritual.

This eighties throwback in a contemporary setting is definitely worth checking out. The script is clearly well written with plenty of humor a sniff of violence and dash of sexy. There's plenty of situational humor. The acting is top notch Samara Weaving is plenty hot and Judah Lewis portrays Cole with just enough innocence and bravado.

When credits rolled I'd had the equivalent of a fast food meal, I was full and more than satisfied for a second but got hungry again fairly quick. The Babysitter was definitely a lot of fun but it wasn't thoroughly satisfying. why? Well it was an exceptionally safe movie. And I'm not just saying there's no gore or nudity. Although that's a large part of it. The Babysitter has nothing you haven't seen before. True not necessarily a bad thing here but watching indie movies one becomes accustomed to movies that have a little sting. Something that's completely missing here. The Babysitter is safe and enjoyable but mostly just safe. And yes while there is some red stuff on display gore isn't the term for it. The same with nudity yes Judah Lewis definitely hot but always in a tasteful kind of way.

Like Cole Netflix is a bit of a pussy.

Item added : 5/11/2017

Death Factory
Directed by Brad Sykes
country USA
year 2002
"...at least I never dozed off."

A couple of friends decide to have a party at an abandoned factory. The old factory turns out to be scene of several murders. And the killer still roams the halls.

The plot might appear familiar because although the location might differ there's little to separate this from every other horror movie. Including stupid teenagers played by older people. Shepsis seems a bit wasted as the monster that remains in the shadows for a better part of the movie. Whoever did her make-up was most likely a fan of Return of the living Dead part three.
I was surprised that the rest of the cast were all professional actors although none as prolific as Tiffany Shepsis. Some of the acting was decent some was annoying. But more annoying than the actor playing the black guy with an attitude and the actress bad girl is the plot.
To keep things suspenseful the character have to make really stupid decisions. Decisions like splitting up while looking for a killer and not even trying to open an obviously shoddy door to freedom. It's hard to feel sympathy for people that stupid. One might even feel that the killer is doing the world a favor.

There's some gore to be enjoyed but it's mostly red syrup being spilled and Tiffany plowing through someones stomach. Compounding the problem is the camera lingering too long on bloody carnage that isn't convincing.

Yet despite its many flaws Death Factory actually isn't that bad. It was obviously made with a limited budget which explains both the cheap sets and the appearance of Ron Jeremy. But it it's an entertaining watch. Apart from two annoying characters the rest of the cast is actually quite good. It has two lengthy topless scenes and although lacking any decent gore it at least has a decent body count. Although I wasn't at the edge of my chair during the movie it did make me jump once and at least I never dozed off.

The ending obviously envisioned a sequel which I thought presumptuous. Until consulting IMDB I found out it actually has one. Neither the director nor Shepsis returned for the sequel Death Factory Blood Letting released in 2008. Having watched the sequel I can say it's not worth watching but this first entry is pretty decent for a low budget effort.

Item added : 1/11/2017

Lucifer Season 1
DVD submitted by
Warner Home Video

Bored with wasting time in the deepest pits of hell, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has abdicated and now resides here on Earth, indulging in all forms of guilty pleasures: women, wine and parties. But the most terrifying turn is yet to come when he finds himself developing the most spine-chilling human trait of them all - emotion. Lucifer should not show any emotions at all but like a spoiled child het canít stand the idea that once woman is rejecting him. While he can have plenty of others his thoughts and desires are focused on only one lady, Chloe Dancer (Lauren German). Detective by day, mother by night sheís the one who doesnít fall for the charms of Lucifer Morningstar. The latter decides to team up with her and help her out along the way, trying to be as helpful as possible. But the longer he stays on earth the more vulnerable he becomes to human emotions. Amenadiel, (D.B. Woodside) another fallen angel, who visits Lucifer on a regular base, knows the dangers of being to long on earth and he is of course eager to take Lucifer back to hell. But for Lucifer all this is one big game and he has no intentions to go back to this boring place called hell.

While the series is already running a third season, we had to wait until last month to finally find the series on DVD. While for many younger viewers physical content is not that important anymore, there are still a lot of people like me out there who are waiting for a DVD release before they indulge themselves into something new. For me there is that one golden rule that I never watch a series if I havenít the discs in my collection, even if that means that I have to seek abroad and order an overpriced set. But enough about the lack of physical releases in Belgium. Lucifer Season One is finally available on DVD in Belgium and oh boy what a treat is this. The series is quite funny, never really occupied about political correctness and above all is quite open minded and uses a lot of sexual involved dialogues. Although never explicit, itís always done in a funny way which makes of sex for once not something dangerous.

Having enjoyed season one, I simply canít wait to get my hands on season two and three, but as I explained I have to wait for that, in the mean time there are some other great releases coming our way.

--- Pat ---
Item added : 29/10/2017

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