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The main reason for my first visit to Louisiana was purely musical. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of those Cajun-songs in their original environment. During my visit also the interest in the whole Cajun-culture grew. Although their ancestors had a hard time, the Cajuns are a proud and optimistic folk. This site is made to promote that great music from Southwest Louisiana's "Cajun Country". On the Cajun Corner, you'll find information about Cajun, Zydeco & Swamp Pop music from in and outside Louisiana.
Laissez les bons temps rouler !
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Jeremy and the Zydeco Hot Boyz

style : Zydeco

Jeremy’s love for Zydeco music already started at the age of 3! While visiting his great uncle, the late Zydeco legend John Delafose, he always headed straight for the music room where he and his cousin, Gerard Delafose, experimented with various instruments.
At the age of 13, Jeremy already played with various Zydeco musicians, including his famous cousin, Geno Delafose. At the same age he put the “Zydeco Hot Boyz” together. In December 2001, they released their first cd “Move Your Feet Y’a’ll” for “Maison de Soul”. The young Jeremy wrote 4 of the 5 songs from that cd. In February 2003, they made their second cd for “Maison de Soul”, called “The Thing About Love”. Jeremy wrote 4 of the 6 songs on the disc, that also appears JoJo Reed as guest musician. On this cd, Jeremy has the age of 15, but he plays the accordion like he has been doing it for decades… Some other members of the band have the ages of 11, 12, 16 and 17 years, but the quality of the music is really very good! It’s all very hot, danceable Zydeco including the usual Zydeco-screams and -shouts. This band is already quite famous in Louisiana, where they already had some nominations. They already played at a number of big festivals and they let me know they would love to perform over here (in Europe)… So if any organisers would like to have some young but big sensation on stage, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly manager, Leisa Delafoisse (who is Jeremy’s mom).

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Added : 1 12, 2004
Loco Zydeco

style : Zydeco

Shortly after he started learning to play the piano accordion, multi-instrumentalist composer “Sameday” Ray Walsh, formed this Zydeco band from Toronto, Canada in 2001. With Bango on lead vocal & harp, Dave The (Rockabilly) Cat on guitar & vocals, Kris K.K. Walsh on rubboard & vocals, Les Graham on bass & vocals, Mike Menheere on drums & percussion and himself on accordion & vocals, they play a nice set of traditional & contemporary Zydeco, their own Zydeco interpretations of popular mainstream songs and also their original Zydeco tracks. In September 2003 they released their debut cd “Yeah, You Right, Eh!”. This cd really surprised me a lot. All the elements from real South-Louisiana Zydeco are present! These Canadians play it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Modern Zydeco-fans will surely love it, but even if you’re not (yet) into this kind of music, you’ll enjoy the rockin’ beat of Loco Zydeco! This cd includes 14 good danceable tracks by a band that brings a perfect combination of professionalism and spontaneity.

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Added : 1 10, 2004
Hackberry Ramblers movie!!!

style : Cajun

MAKE ‘EM DANCE: The Hackberry Ramblers’ Story is the name of a brand new movie about America's oldest band. Since 1933 the Hackberry Ramblers play their great Cajun, Old-time & Hillbilly music. Nowadays, they still do! They recently started touring in Europe and what a success it was! Well, I don't know about you, but Yvieboy (on the picture proudly with 2 original Hackberry Ramblers: Edwin Duhon & Luderin Darbone at a Crawfish Festival in Eunice, Louisiana) can't wait to see the movie, that should be something in between a road movie and a music documentary.

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Added : 1 7, 2004
Happy Birthday Rufus Thibodeaux!

On 5th January, two days ago, Rufus Thibodeaux celebrated his 70th birthday. This talented Louisiana born cajun & country fiddler played with many other music heroes, such as Papa Cairo, Jimmy C. Newman, Hank Williams, Al Terry, George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Bob Wills, Johnny Allan, Rod Bernard, Slim Harpo, Lynn Anderson, Jim Reeves.
Happy Birthday, Rufus!

Added : 1 7, 2004
An interview with Mr. Leo Abshire

style : Cajun

Just had an interview with Mr. Leo Abshire... Please check out the section "Interviews" (on www.billybop.be), to learn more about this great cajun fiddler & fiddle maker (here on the picture with D.L. Menard)... Thanks a lot for making this interview possible, Mr. Leo & Mrs. Zula.
I'm quite sure Mr. Bill Clinton is very proud of the picture he has, where he's standing next to Leo Abshire!!!

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Added : 12 23, 2003
Merry Christmas from Charlo

Charlo & St. Pierre Genealogical Society wish us all a Merry Christmas with the cd "Cajun Country Christmas". More country than cajun, but 100% christmas on this fine cd.
There are 12 christmas tracks on it, including some nice swamp pop ("Merry Cajun Christmas" and "Please Come Home For Christmas"). Alphonse the Red Nosed Gator surely agree with me, this is a nice cd to welcome Santa Clause...

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Added : 12 18, 2003
Lesa Cormier / August Broussard & the Sundown Playboys

style : Cajun

The late Lionel Cormier formed the Sundown Playboys in the mid-forties. His son, Lesa, who was 17 years old then, joined the band on the drums in 1947. In 1971, Lionel Cormier died from a heart attack on stage in Lake Charles, Louisiana. After a time, Lesa decided to carry on the tradition of his father’s band, with two other band members and his own son. The band won international popularity and in 1976 the Beatles released 2 songs ("Saturday Night Special" and "La Valse de Soliel Coucher"), from the Sundown Playboys, (with Pat Savant on the accordion) on their Apple label. Nowadays Lesa (drummer & singer) is the only original member from the band, but the famous accordionist-singer August Broussard also joined, since 2000. Wallace Touchet on fiddle, Larry Miller on steel guitar (& some vocals) and Lesa’s grandson Brian Cormier on bass guitar are the other big talents from today’s Sundown Playboys. The band is still very active (probably more then ever) playing great Cajun music. In 2001 they released “Les Mémoire du Passé”, in 2002 “Back Home Memories” came out and right now they are working on a new cd.
Well, right now, I’m listening to their latest cd “Back Home Memories” (from Acadiana Records) and I’m very impressed! Wonderful energetic Cajun music! I’m very glad to hear this kind of music is still made nowadays. With Bobby Leger’s “Trouble Two-Step”, they directly put the flame in it; and the flame keeps burning during the whole cd! It all makes me think a lot at that typical 60’s & 70’s Swallow records-“Cajun rock’n’roll”- sound (with steel guitar). It’s pure Cajun music, but a lot of you rockabilly cats, visiting BillyBop, surely will love it as well! Great original songs by August Broussard are present on this cd, including the wonderful up-tempo two-step “D.I.’s Special”, with the typical great (here’s that word again…) August Broussard-vocals. I’m sorry for using the word “great” that much, but that’s exactly the way I feel when I listen to that kind of music. “Back Home Memories”, “Reunion Waltz” and “Hardship Waltz” are also waltzes written and sung by August. “Lionel’s Waltz” is a very nice tribute to Lionel Cormier, from which the tune is Lionel’s first recording, the “Welcome Club Waltz”, later recorded as “Reno Waltz” by Lawrence Walker. Very surprising is (Nathan Abshire’s) “Cajun Cucaracha” sung by Lesa. I guess you all know “La Cucaracha”, but have you heard a Cajun version of it yet? Lesa also puts his nice voice on the rhythmic waltz, “Louisiana Gumbo”. Next to his great steel guitar playing, Larry Miller also co-dominates this cd, by adding own songs (“Harris’ Two-Step”, “Gone For The Last Time” and “Popcorn Special”) and some great vocals. “La Petite Fille A Tante Dulic” (arranged by Wallace Touchet) has the honour to close this cd that gives you that typical “Laissez les bons temps rouler”-cajun-feeling.

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Added : 12 16, 2003
Abshire, Ray

style : Cajun

Ray Abshire, member from a legendary musical family, grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. He performed with many Cajun pioneers, including the Balfa Brothers. Although early inspiration came from his cousin (Nathan Abshire) and friend Amadie Breaux, he credits fiddle players, like Dewey Balfa, Lionel Leleux and Will Kegley, as having the greatest influence on his style. Ray departed from the music scene in the mid-70’s and during 17 years he only made rare public appearances but fortunately he re-emerged in the early 90’s.
In 2003, Swallow records came out with the cd “For Old Times Sake” by Ray Abshire and friends (including Courtney Grangér & Kevin Wimmer, both known from Balfa Toujours, and André Michot, member from Les Frères Michot & the Lost Bayou Ramblers). With this jewel, Ray Abshire proves that real traditional Cajun music is still alive. This cd contains about one hour of great pure Cajun fun! You’ll hear some real classics, some rather unknown tracks and some self-made songs. “French Two-Step”, “Washington Stomp”, “Spécial De Sale De Dance”, “Brunette Two-Step”, “Johnny Can’t Dance”, “Marche Carrément” and “Ossun Two-Step” are all great instrumental two-steps. “Valse A Rodney” is a haunting waltz (from Rodney Balfa) that really brings tears in the eyes (also great vocals from the young Courtney Grangér!)… “Grand Riceville”, “Valse Sans Retour”, “Louisiana Rambler Waltz”, “Cher Bébé Créole”, “Tout Les Deux Pour La Même” and “Valse du Grand Bois” are all great authentic Cajun waltzes. As mentioned on the cd sleeve: “No album of authentic Cajun music would be complete without at least one tune by the late great legend, Iry LeJeune”, Ray added a great version of the wonderful vocal two-step “Lacassine Special” (vocals by Courtney). “Tee Mamou”, “Mon Vieux Wagon” and “Donnez Moi Mon Chapeau” are also great vocal two-steps, played and sung exactly the way I love it. No need to skip any track. It’s all brilliant traditional Cajun (vocals & music)! All the lyrics are included (with translation in English), so you can try to sing along. But not too loud please, because we still need to hear Ray’s and Courtney’s magical voices…

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Added : 12 14, 2003
Crystal Plamondon

style : Various

Well, I guess after Lucille Starr we have another Canadian sweetheart with Crystal Plamandon.
This lady sings the styles of music she loves, in her very own (French & English) Canadian style. During the 90’s she toured around on places like Louisiana, France and West Africa.
In 1993 she released her first cd “Carpe Diem”, which was soon quite popular in Canada and in Louisiana. This cd starts with a real nice country song “Bible By The Bed” and it also include some very fine cheerful songs, such as “Capitaine”, “On Va Faire La Rigodon”, “Zydeco Began” and “Cajun Girl/La Cajine”, which I should describe as Canajun Country (you got’em?). With “Rendez-Vous En Louisiane”, she honors her Cajun friends (like Hadley Castille, Zachary Richard and Beausoleil) and the music and atmosphere on “Tes P’tits Yeux Blues” also shows a big link with Cajun Country.
Her second cd “La Rousse Farouche” came out in 1996. On this cd you’ll here a bit less country music and there’s also a bit more slow music on this one. My favorites tracks are “Big Sky Dreams” (nice country song with Cajun-fiddle and Zydeco-rubboard), “Giddy Up!” and “J’ai Toujours L’Echo”.
After this cd Crystal was very busy on the Canadian and international stage, but after a few years she had to leave the scene a bit, for spending more time with her 2 children (Christie and Nelson). When her kids were grown, she decided to come back on the music scene and in November 2002, she released her 3rd cd on her own label. “Plus de Frontières – No Borders” has 13 tracks and again, most of the songs (11) were written by herself. In my opinion, the music style on this cd is closest to her first one. Well done from this red haired lady, who putted a lot of variation on her cd again. Next to the styles, she already had on her previous cd’s, she now also added a very nice self-written (modern) bluegrass song, called “Keep On Keepin’ On” and she also sings Roy Orbison’s “Blue Bayou”. Again, there’s a great ode to Louisiana with the song “L’Atchafalaya”. In 2003, this cd was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for “Outstanding Francophone Recording”.

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Added : 12 13, 2003
American Award for Dutch ‘Cajun Company’

style : Cajun

The American “Cajun French Music Association” (CFMA) awarded the Cajun Company from Holland (here on the picture, together with Dirk Powell, receiving the award) the "Prix dehors de nous 2003", being the best cajunband outside of the United States. Last month the Award was being handed over in Lousiana by Larry Miller, chairman of CFMA’s selectioncommittee.
The Cajun Company were awarded because of the outstanding quality of their CD “La robe de Rosalie”. As Larry Miller said during the presentation: “They are one of the best traditional Cajun bands around.”
Ten years ago, accordionist/vocalist Bas van der Poll started the band: “It is wonderful to get this recognition by the people whom we consider as the heirs of cajunmusic and culture. We play cajun the traditional way, as close to its roots as we can achieve.
It wouldn’t be hard to include instruments like electrical guitar and drums into our repertoire and modernize the arrangements. But we don’t want that. We prefer it the way the cajuns played the music in de 20’s and 30’s, with groove and soul.”
The Cajun Company are Bas van der Poll (accordion, lead vocals), Pauline Groenendijk (fiddle), Monique Neuteboom (guitar) and Herman van Rijn (triangle, back-up vocals). The band is frequently asked to perform, in Holland as well as in other European countries and in the United States. They are preparing to record a new, third, CD, due to be released mid 2005.
The CFMA is a non-profit organization that promotes and preserves not only Cajun music, but also various aspects of the Acadian Heritage. Their "Prix" is considered a CajunGrammy. In the CFMA-history the "Prix dehors de nous" was only once awarded to a European cajunband. The Cajun Company itself was already nominated for the award in 1998 when they were runner-up.

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Added : 12 11, 2003

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