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The main reason for my first visit to Louisiana was purely musical. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of those Cajun-songs in their original environment. During my visit also the interest in the whole Cajun-culture grew. Although their ancestors had a hard time, the Cajuns are a proud and optimistic folk. This site is made to promote that great music from Southwest Louisiana's "Cajun Country". On the Cajun Corner, you'll find information about Cajun, Zydeco & Swamp Pop music from in and outside Louisiana.
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Lil Bob & the Lollipops

style : Swamp-pop

Born in 1937 in Leonville, Louisiana, Camille Bob (Lil Bob) grew up listening (rhythm 'n')blues artists (like Muddy Waters, Lightinin' Hopkins and Louis Jordan) on the radio. Bob quickly found out that playing music was more his thing than farming... So he traded his horse for a set of drums. At the age of 13 he already performed with a local blues artist "Good Rockin Bob" (no relation), who was the man he traded his horse with for his drums. Lil Bob says Fats Domino, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding were his greatest influence. He recorded his first single "Take It Easy Katy" in 1955, which was a tribute to Katy Webster. In 1958 he formed the band Lil Bob & the Lollipops. During the sixties this band became very popular. After several 45's for the La Louisianne label they released an album in 1965, named "Nobody But You", which was a big hit on 45 along the Gulf Coast (together with the very popular B-side: I Got Loaded). "I Got Loaded" (taped with the legendary saxophonist John Hart) was covered by many other artists, such as Los Lobos, Robert Cray, Elvis Costello and lots of zydeco, blues and swamp pop bands. In 1973 the band recorded some 45's with Buckwheat Zydeco for the Master Trak label. Lil Bob has been performing now for over 50 years with high quality blues, soul, rock, r&b and swamp pop.

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Added : 11 24, 2003
The Lost Bayou Ramblers : Pilette Breakdown – Cd; Swallow 6177
Album Kindly submitted by Flattown Music Company

style : Cajun

The Lost Bayou Ramblers have been bringing amazed crowds everywhere a soulful, foot stomping, deep swamp sound strongly reminiscent of Cajun music's very beginnings. From the moment the accordion and fiddle start wailing out a melody, and the Cajun French lyrics pierce through the air, you uncontrollably get caught in a rhythm that won’t let you stay in your seat. Growing up in Pilette, Louisiana (between Broussard and Lafayette), Louis (fiddle and vocals) and Andre (accordion) Michot were immersed in roots Cajun music from birth, primarily since their father and uncles were already touring the world playing traditional songs as the band Les Freres Michot. After a decade of "initiation" on triangle, guitar, and bass, Andre and Louis felt they were prepared to take on the lead instruments - accordion and violin - and pick up the torch as the next generation in the evolution of their musical heritage.When the brothers matched up with Chris "Oscar" Courville's bass-stomp centered drumming and uncle David Michot's (original member of Les Freres Michot) steady rhythm guitar, the band began to play their "deep swamp beat" around Acadiana. Since starting out in 1999 they have added numerous original songs to compliment their vast Cajun repertoire of early accordion dancehall tunes, pre-century fiddling, and Cajun swing. It all mixes together to form a definitive sound - capturing the “roots” spirit of their culture’s unique music while initiating a renewed cultural identity and pride among their generation.

Bio and info submitted by Flattown Music Company and The lost Bayou Ramblers

The music on the Cd hangs between two era’s in American music. Between the old traditional styles where music was an escape of the daily lifestyle and the modern style where people make an attempt to evade commercial tunes. Influences from western swing from the 3t’s and 4t’s (“Blues de la frontier” & “Tu peut pa m’arreter de rever” both without the typical Cajun accordion ) are never far away. Other influences are early accordion dancehall tunes like “Happy Hop” or “Holly Beach” ( a Laissez les bon temps rouler spinoff) or even pre-commercial fiddle music. Unlike most now days Cajun bands whom include influences of rock ‘ n roll into their music, the Lost Bayou Ramblers revisit the golden age of the ‘bals des maisons’ when music & social interaction where strongly attached to each other. But also their own material (“Pillete Breakdown”, “Raine Stomp”) stay close to the original tunes from their stomping grounds
This album is not for a beginner in Cajun that’s for sure, but if you are into Cajun, then you know what I’m talking about…

Mr Blue Boogie

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Added : 11 23, 2003
Daigle, Paul

style : Cajun

Paul Daigle was born in Point Noir, Louisiana (near Church Point) in 1958. As teenager he already won accordion contests in Church Point. Together with Robert Elkins (rhythm guitarist from Church Point), he formed Cajun Gold, which was a very popular band in the eighties. This band made quite some records for Swallow Records. The famous Ken Smith also played fiddle with Cajun Gold for many years.
Now, Paul Daigle also play with Savoir Faire, a Cajun band from Baton Rouge. Their first album was released for Swallow Records in 1999. On the brilliant documentary "J'ai Eté Au Bal" you can also see him with Cajun Gold... Just fantastic!

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Added : 11 20, 2003
Richard, Belton

style : Cajun

This amazing singer and song writer was born in 1939 in Rayne, Lousiana. He learned to play accordion from his father when he was only 7 years old. As teenager he started to play Swamp Pop, but in 1959 he turned back to play Cajun with his band, the Musical Aces. During the sixties and the seventies Belton and his band were very popular. He brought his experience as Swamp Pop singer over to his Cajun music. It brought a total other dimension to the way of singing Cajun. He added songs that told stories and he sang it in smooth, contemporary style. That was new in Cajun music, because the older Cajun style was originated when vocalists had to project their voices across the dancehall without any amplification. Belton Richard, who is also an excellent accordion player, his singing style has been imitated by many other Cajun singers.
In 1987, Belton Richard retired from performing, but after receiving various honours, he record the cd "I'm Back" for Swallow Records (on which all of his albums were released).
And you can bet your pirogue he's back! In 2003 he came out with another new cd "The Older The Wine, The Finer The Taste" (also for Swallow Records). Look forward to taste the 12 tracks from that cd!

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Added : 11 19, 2003
LaFleur, Harry

style : Cajun

This great fiddler can be seen and heard on DVD as the Harry LaFleur Band on the brilliant cajun documentary: "Cajun Country".
Harry LaFleur is a wonderful fiddler, who easily mix the authentic old-time fiddling with that great Cajun feeling.
He played together with other cajun legends, such as Iry LeJeune, Nathan Abshire, Dennis McGee and Wallace "Cheese" Read.
Born in 1933 in Swords, Louisiana (next to Eunice), his interest for Cajun music started to grow at the age of 6. Harry was mostly inspired by his grandfather,who played fiddle and his brother, who played with Iry LeJeune. Harry started as guitar player but soon he changed himself in a fiddle player. During the fifties he had a radio show on KSLO in Opelousas. At the same time he toured around as Harry and the Louisiana Aces. He's been out of music business for a while but came back as Harry and the Cajuns.
For a number of years Harry LaFleur has been playing twin fiddles with Bubba Frey.
Together with Claudia Wood on guitar and Dale & Barbara Savoie on bass and keyboard, he is still fiddlin' around as Harry LaFleur and the Cajun Strings.

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Added : 11 18, 2003
Rosie Ledet : Now’s The Time – CD ; Maison De soul; MDS1080
Album Kindly submitted by Flattown Music

style : Zydeco

Rosie (born Mary Roszela Bellard) was raised on pure Rock ‘n Roll and never paid much attention to the zydeco music around her. It was only at the age of 16 she attended a Zydeco dance festival where she met & fell in love with Morris Ledet., the accordion player of Boozoo Chavis. After marrying Morris at the age of 17, she stayed home raising the kids while he was touring with Boozoo. During that period she picked up her husbands accordion & learned to play along the records of Boozoo and other Zydeco bands.
Morris encouraged Rosie to go on and within a couple of months she had a record deal with Maison de Soul.

“Now is the time” is already the 7th zydeco album by Rosie Ledet.
Again it’s a hot swinging Zydeco disc full of great songs. The opening track “Zydeco Yeah” Really brings you in the mood for this album. Good swinging music and an up tempo beat, what more do you want ? “Now’s the time” is more of the same. A typical dance track for the Louisiana ballrooms & zydeco festivals. “Do that thing” is another one, where you can’t stop your feet, you just have to start dancing, no matter what. The only cover on this album is “ More then I can say” the song that made Leo Sayer famous. Beside the fact that it’s the only cover on the album, it’s also the only ballad. Eight more songs follow this track and they are all great tunes. “Zydeco Stroll” a good shuffle for a line dance, is one of my favourites, while “Touch to feel “ specially written for their drummer Lucky is one of those typical songs you want to hear on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a cold beer in one hand and hot chilli in the other…

Now is the time by Rosie Ledet is definitely a great album, even if you’re not into zydeco.

Mr blue boogie

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Added : 11 11, 2003
Dopsie, Dwayne & the Zydeco Hellraisers

style : Zydeco

These wild Louisiana zydeco rockers already won quite some awards, such as "Hottest Accordion", "Best Zydeco Band" & "Best Upcoming Artist". Dwayne (Dopsie) Rubin is the son of Alton Rubin (Rockin' Dopsie, himself)! Dwayne was born in 1979 (still a very young man!) and was raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he grew up listening to and playing zydeco music. At the age of 4 he already played washboard, like his brother David (Rockin' Dopsie Jr.), but he soon picked up the accordion and followed in his father's footsteps. After traveling the zydeco circuit with his family, he started his own band at the age of 19. That resulted in a lot of wild zydeco concerts and in a very energetic cd "Now It Begins".

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Added : 11 8, 2003
Kevin Naquin & The ossun Playboys : Bayou Groove – CD; Swallow 6175
Album Kindly submitted by Flattown Music

style : Cajun

At the age of 24, Kevin Naquin and his band The ossun Playboys already accomplished more than many bands do in a lifetime. Five releases, Eight CFMA (Cajun French Music Awards) awards and a well deserved reputation as one of acadiana’s favourite sons.
Although the average age of the band members is only 21, they don’t lack the professionalism. Their music is hot and swinging Bajou dance music. From the first track on “Bajou Groove”, you’ll feel the dance vibes all over this album. “Papa a Mon Cote” is wonderful waltz penned by Kevin Naquin himself.
Next to some own songs this album contains also some Cajun Standards as well. Songs Like “Allons a Lafayette”, “Scott Playboys Special” and “Lafayette Waltz“ are included here next to some other great classic Tracks.
One of my favorite songs (music wise) is “Chanson De Mardi Gras” unfortunately it also one of the songs that is sung by Ashley Hayes. Ashley Hayes is the very talented, 17 year old guitar player of this band. And when she starts singing I have the feeling I’m listing to some Kids band… Not that she can’t sing or she sings in a bad way, it’s just her voice is too young. But that’s the only drawback I can find on this excellent CD. This is a great album you need to spin on your next Barn Dance.

Mr Blue Boogie

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Added : 9 28, 2003
Pat Savant : Cajun instrumentals a la nouvelle mode – CD; Swallow 6176
Album Kindly submitted by Flattown Music

style : Cajun

Although not well known here in Europe or even in the US, the musical history of Pat Savant has a strange European twist to it. Back in 1971 Pat Savant was the accordion player of a local Louisiana band called the Sundown Playboys.
Pat Savant, in his teens then, sent a copy of their “Saturday Night Special” to the London based Apple Records. Apple, the label owned by the Beatles’ released this song as a 7”, backed with “La valse de Soleil Couche”.(It is probably the strangest song Apple did release) Since then Pat had a connection with the UK and he achieved even a Ph.D.in Britain History. This release didn’t get much airplay and it might sound insignificant, but this was a major breakthrough for the bajou sound. Pat Savant introduced Britain & the rest of the world to Cajun Music.

Pat kept playing on in different local bands and today he’s here with a New release.
Eighteen traditional Cajun instrumentals with a twist. Perrodin Two step,
Lake Charles Scottische, The Mulburry branch… They are all on this CD.
And again special for The UK, if you like Cajun but don’t understand the words… well here is a great new album with Cajun standards, full of instrumental songs.

Mr Blue Boogie

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Added : 9 22, 2003
Menard, D.L.

style : Cajun

D.L. (Doris Leon) Menard was born in 1932 in Erath, Louisiana, where he still lives. At the age of 16 he bought his first guitar and in 1951, one year before this unique voice joined the Louisiana Aces, he met his idol Hank Williams, who was a big influence for this Cajun man.
D.L Menard’s unique music style can be subscribed as being a mixture of Hank Williams and Cajun music, resulting in his very own style (with a lot of own written songs). In 1962 he made one of the biggest Cajun classics ever, “The Back Door” (“La Porte En Arrière”), under the name Badeaux & the Louisiana Aces. It’s a brilliant humorous song about a hard-living Cajun who has to sneak in from his drinking and carousing by going through the back door.
The (original) Louisiana Aces split up in 1971, but D.L. has continued playing and recording with various musicians. Next to his great musical career he’s also craftsman who makes chairs and children's furniture in a shop next to his home. I’m quite sure I’m not the only Cajun fan who put this man on top of the wanted-list for the next Cajun festivals in Europe…

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Added : 9 14, 2003

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