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The main reason for my first visit to Louisiana was purely musical. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of those Cajun-songs in their original environment. During my visit also the interest in the whole Cajun-culture grew. Although their ancestors had a hard time, the Cajuns are a proud and optimistic folk. This site is made to promote that great music from Southwest Louisiana's "Cajun Country". On the Cajun Corner, you'll find information about Cajun, Zydeco & Swamp Pop music from in and outside Louisiana.
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Interview with Sarah Savoy

Sarah Savoy introduces herself not only as part of her family, in that she
respects and honors the traditional music of her culture, but also as the
strong, independant, modern woman she is with her own ideas and feelings.
Sarah wants to combine these themes with the three kinds of music that speak most personally to her heart and that define her as the person she is: Cajun, Country, and Rockabilly.
More and more women in Louisiana are forming their own all-girl Cajun bands and Sarah thinks there should be more songs that they can sing, that speak for them not as the usual "femme abandonnée"
but as feminine party-lovers who stand up for themselves.----Gerard Dole
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Added : 4 10, 2007

Well its not often we happen to see two bands like these in our beloved hometown of Bruges. And even with the THE BIG BAYOU BANDITS hailing from Bruges, it is only on a rare occasion that we happen to see them live in our town. That said it is even more rare to see them performing as opening act for that other great band CJ CHENIER and THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND.

The Big Bayou Bandits heated up the audience with some nice classics from the genre and even throw in some self-penned tunes. With a smaller set-list then usual the band choose for some classic Cajun tunes mixed with a handful of well known covers like the Chuck Berry tune "Promised Land". In between the moods changed from classic Cajun style like "Allons A La Fayette " to pure Tex mex.

Zydeco artist CJ Chenier , son of Clifton Chenier, followed this Bruges band with far less authentic sound. Playing a blend of some powerful styles like blues, soul & even some funk the band immediately set in with some energetic tunes. Although the man was promoting his new album The Desperate Kingdom of Love he surely made some time to threw in some popular tunes like "Jambalaya" or "Don't mess with my Tutu" next to more eclectic songs like "Lost on the River", written in the wake of the hurricane Katrina.
It was obvious for CJ Chenier and his band that this was yet another European gig. They performed well and throw in an exciting show, but one that didn't connect with the audience as well. But maybe the place is more to blame then the audience, cause zydeco music after all is dance music and the theatre isn't equipped with a dance floor at all. A couple tried to dance in the back of the theatre but with no place at all to kick of you swinging moves, the showcase was over within one song.

The evening was certainly a success for everyone who came for the music cause both bands musically performed very well. While the sound level of the Big Bayou Bandits could have been a little louder, there was no complaining on that side either. The only thing that rest us now is hoping Bruges will invited more bands like CJ Chenier and bring in more American roots musicians to perform at our beloved town.

Mr Blue Boogie

Added : 3 30, 2007
Dedans Le Sud De La Louisiane (DVD film from Jean-Pierre Bruneau)

Again, Jean Pierre Bruneau surprised me a lot with a new masterpiece on DVD.
“Dedans le Sud de la Louisiane” is a wonderful documentary movie that originally came out in 1973 (filmed in 1972), now restored and presented in a beautiful DVD sleeve with a small book (24 pages with nice pictures and text in English & French) bended inside.
The film is in Cajun & Creole French with English subtitles.
It starts with Dewey Balfa driving a school bus (from the Acadia Parish School), while we hear Alex Broussard’s wonderful “Sud de la Louisiane”. Dewey tells: after he brings the kids to school he goes around selling insurance, in the evening he takes care of the animals on his farm and at night and on weekends he plays music. And I thought I was a busy guy… Nathan Abshire really steals the show (dancing around) on his Pine Grove Blues in a great live performance with the Balfa’s. Nathan is back a little later when he plays the accordion on “Danse de la Limonade”, sung by Rodney Balfa. While he’s doing some jobs to earn a few dollars, Nathan is complaining about the poor quality of the new stuff (for example toys) people are selling us, to make sure we will have to buy the same stuff again a little later.
Dewey Balfa is also back on the video again, while he’s backing Bee Fontenot on ‘tit fer. Wonderful clip from Bee Fontenot who’s demonstrating some Creole-accordion playing & singing on “Pain de Maïs”!
Bee & Ed Deshotels were doing a wonderful vocal job on “Mes Soliers Rouges” (a song a bit in the style of “La Cravate” with many words in a little time) and the beautiful sensitive waltz “La Veuve du Lac Bleu”.
Next to some very interesting (and enthusiastic told) story-telling about the Cajuns, you’ll also see some great video material on Dennis McGee with Sady Courville & band, Zydeco’s most famous Clifton Chenier, Canray Fontenot with Alphonse “Bois Sec” Ardoin and Balfa’s, Mardi Gras festivities, the Mamou Cajun band (with Revon Reed and Adam & Cyp Landreneau).
The Balfa Brothers close out this wonderful film with “Tit Galop Pour Mamou”.
I enjoyed every second of this 45 minutes during masterpiece from Jean-Pierre Bruneau!


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Added : 3 12, 2007

Cajun Corner haven't been updated for a while now...
I'm really sorry for that!!! (I'm sitting on my knees while I'm typing this...)
I've really been busy the last few weeks and couldn't find some extra spare time...
But I promise you'll find new updates soon with all kinds of wonderful Cajun news and stuff, like Jean-Pierre Bruneau's wonderful new DVD "Dedans le Sud de la Louisiane", a great new Francadian band "Sarah Savoy and the Francadians", and so on...

Added : 3 8, 2007
Lost Bayou Ramblers: live recordings

This Friday 12th and Saturday 13th January ’07, the Lost Bayou Ramblers will perform at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, Louisiana.
These performances will be recorded, so if you want to contribute to their new live record, just be there to scream ‘n’ shout!

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Added : 1 8, 2007
Loco Zydeco – This Great White North, Eh!

style : Zydeco

Loco Zydeco’s second CD is out now. Exactly 3 years after “Yeah, You Right, Eh!” this Canadian Zydeco band now released “This Great White North, Eh!” (on “Flamingcheese Records”).
This one features 14 self-penned Zydeco tracks.
Loco Zydeco is a real popular live act in Canada and they did a nice job to bring that live feeling on this CD. Rather than to play traditional Zydeco, they chose to put quite some Soul, Blues, Rock and Funk influences in their music style.
All songs are well played and have a professional energetic sound. I guess this CD can reach a wide audience.
Well done again, Loco Zydeco!


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Added : 12 5, 2006
Message from Cajun accordion builder Larry Miller

"Just to let all know that I am almost retired. I will retire from building new accordions within 2 to 3 weeks, but will do warrenty and repair work on all Cajun hand made accordion and only three row accordions which I sold.
Now I have five Bon Cajun Accordions almost complete, two complete ready to go and that will be it. The good news is that my grandson Jay Miller now age 21, 3rd year of college is building and will soon have #6 and #7 complete except for key desired. The #5 is a curly Clario Walnut, ready except for key choice.
For more information call at 337-779-2456.
Jay has been a Bon Cajun Instrument employee for 7 1/2 years. He is doing a carbon copy of Bon Cajun accordions from the same holding jigs and patterns. Jay was my #6 apperentice to complete the full requirement of the apprenticeship program in 2004. He doesn't sell an accordion until I have reviewed with him the tuning specs. Jackie and I are proud of his accomplishments on the building and continuation of the family tradition.
Thanks to all my customers who have enjoyed my accordions. I have no worry because Jay is taking it over."

Larry Miller

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Added : 11 28, 2006
News for friends and fans of Sheryl Cormier

On Tuesday, November 21, 2006 Sheryl underwent triple by-pass surgery at Lafayette General Hospital. At the time of this writing she is still in intensive care, which is normal. According to word from her husband Russell, the operation went well and she is expected to recuperate in the hospital for about four days.

Well wishes may be sent to:

Sheryl Cormier, Lafayette General Hospital,
1214 Coolidge Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70503.

Added : 11 27, 2006
Hubert Maitre & Chris Miller at the Liberty Theater

For those who missed it, Hubert Maitre & Chris Miller both did a great job last Saturday at the Liberty Theater in Eunice, Louisiana with their band.

Hubert Maitre and his Cajun Friends (with Horace Trahan on accordion and Jason Frey on fiddle) played Mamou Hot Step, Family Waltz, Cofair, Un Amusement Qui M'a Coute, Paradis Des Couillons, Grand Mamou, Bosco Stomp, La Valse de Belizaire and Lena Mae.
Chris Miller and Bayou Roots (also with Jason Frey, who replaced Bayou Roots’ fiddler who couldn’t be there) did Papa George Special, Jolie Blonde Ou Toi T'as Eté, Jolie Catin, Chère Petite, La Pointe Au Pins, Les Maringouins Ont Tout Mangé Ma Belle, Quand J'étais Pauvre (with "Shamrock" in it), Service Blues, Louisiana Ramblers Waltz, Whino Two-Step and In The Pines

Next Saturday you can see (or tune in at KRVS for) Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys and a few hours earlier the original Boogie Kings are playing there.


photo: Chris Miller (taken from http://www.lsue.edu/acadgate/music/bayouroots.htm)

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Added : 11 6, 2006
Marc & the Boiled Crawfish – Swamp ‘n’ Spice

This is the second CD for Marc & the Boiled Crawfish, a Cajun & Zydeco inspired band from Switzerland.
Opener is a fine rockin’ Zydeco version of Rockin’ Sidney’s “Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot”.
A real good version of Clifton Chenier’s “I’m Coming Home” is surely one of my highlights on this record. Marc’s (fifties styled) voice fits very well in this bluesy Swamp Pop-ballad.
Other highlights are the real nice Balfa Toujours’ “Les Tracas De Todd Balfa” and Canray Fontenot’s “Bonsoir Moreau”, both Cajun songs.
Marc also included a self-penned song, called “Lower 9th District”. The accordion melody sounds like the one in “Drunkard’s Blues” and the lyrics are about the current situation in New Orleans.
“Born On The Bayou”, written by John Fogerty, is no Cajun or Zydeco, but brings a fine Bayou atmosphere with it.
Also included on this CD are Zydeco tunes “Mardi Gras Zydeco” from Rockin’ Sidney, Chris Ardoin’s “Best Kept Secret” and their versions of Cajun classics “The Back Door”, “Grand Mamou”, “Bosco Stomp”, “J’ai Passé Devant Ta Porte” and “Travailler C’est Trop Dur”.
This band does a real good job to keep Cajun & Zydeco music alive in Switzerland.

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Added : 10 30, 2006

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