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The main reason for my first visit to Louisiana was purely musical. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of those Cajun-songs in their original environment. During my visit also the interest in the whole Cajun-culture grew. Although their ancestors had a hard time, the Cajuns are a proud and optimistic folk. This site is made to promote that great music from Southwest Louisiana's "Cajun Country". On the Cajun Corner, you'll find information about Cajun, Zydeco & Swamp Pop music from in and outside Louisiana.
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M.C. Cajun

style : Cajun

This Cajun-Zydeco band, made of British bikers, made its debut on stage in 1995. Since then, this Nottingham based group, played a lot of places in the U.K., to show their musical talents and their love for that great music coming out of the Louisiana swamps. The cd “Hundred Up” ( 11 tracks on M.C. Records) gives a very lively taste of what this band is about. “J’ete au Bal”, “Desperate Danny”, “Flammes D’Enfer”, “Grand Bois”, “Ambrosia”, fiddle instrumental “Midnight On The Water” and the great live track “Uncle Joe” all sounds like real Cajun music to me. The difference with most Cajun bands from Louisiana is on the vocals where the accent (like with almost all non-Louisiana Cajun bands) is quite different as that from the Louisiana Cajuns (who also rather sing with a “head voice”). But you clearly hear this band enjoy playing that music (and they absolutely made me enjoy hearing it!). They surely play it straight from their (cajun) hearts! Their version of “Joli Catin” is (close to Cajun-) Zydeco, mostly because of the rubboard-beat instead of the fiddles and triangle. “Feel So Bad” and the self-written songs “Zydec ‘O’” & “Cookhouse Blues” are also real Zydeco-tracks. The band members are the very talented multi-musician Paul Asher (on the accordions, fiddle and vocals), Niall Broderick (on fiddles, rubboard and vocals), ‘Rockabilly Rebel’ George Silk (on lead guitar and vocals), Humphrey Wallis (on the upright bass), Harry Stanistreet (on rhythm guitar) and his wife Lesley Stanistreet (who takes care of the triangle, shakers, vocals and Harry). Nice cd from a nice band!

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Added : 12 10, 2003
Aux Cajunals

style : Cajun

After the great Eunice accordion player Danny Poullard's death, the California Cajun Orchestra disbanded at the end of 2001. But Danny's traditional Cajun sound nowadays is still carried on by the very talented Aux Cajunals.
If occasionally you're in front of your computer right now, don't hesitate to find out more about the Aux Cajunals, featuring Suzy & Eric Thompson, Agi Ban and Alan Senauke.
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Added : 12 10, 2003
Hott Boxx

style : Zydeco

Hott Boxx was born during a jam session by “Cajun UK” in Leicestershire, early 2000. A few months later, they already had their debut gig at the same place. It’s not traditional Cajun or Zydeco, but rather a mix of different styles, such as Zydeco, Blues and (Swamp) Rock (‘n’ Roll). In January 2002, they played at the Gloucester Cajun-Zydeco festival. If you missed it, you still can hear 3 tracks from that concert that has been well taped and placed on the cd “Squeeze One For Me”, which can be ordered at M.C. Records. Also on the 11 other tracks you’ll hear a lot of variation on the music that’s backin’ Carla’s hot voice; but mostly it’s (modern) Zydeco influenced. This band already took a very good start and surely still can grow. The band members are: Carla Burchell (vocals & accordions), Paul Asher (bass guitar), George Silk (lead guitar & some vocals), Sue Jeffery (rubboard & some vocals) and Jim Jeffery on drums.

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Added : 12 10, 2003

This wonderful radio station can be heard live on the internet, wherever you are! Absolutely a must for all South Louisiana-music-lovers! (So, I guess for all of you, 'cause that's why you're here...) If you are from Louisiana, you surely know about this great radio station; if you are from outside of Louisiana this is your great chance to bring Louisiana closer to you! Here's what, swamp pop-legend, mr. Johnnie Allan says about it:
"South Louisiana has undoubtedly the most diverse musically rich culture in the whole world. It took Paul Marx's foresight and guts, along with his staff, to return dignity to the various genres of our beloved music. I hope KBON makes a fortune and proves to non-believers that there is feasibility in a 24 hours radio station playing our Louisiana Proud music..."
Well, I surely agree mr. Paul Marx and his staff are doing a wonderful job! Thanks a lot for spreading your great music around the world!!!
Please note KBON is a "non-income-generating" site. So (as mentioned on their website)any contribution, KBON-listeners can make is greatly appreciated.

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Added : 12 9, 2003
River Zydeco Band

style : Zydeco

Coming from the swamps of Raamsdonkveer in Holland, these musicians formed River Zydeco Band. This band played for the first time on stage in 1990. After that concert, some musical Zydeco-friends decided to organize an international Cajun & Zydecofestival in Raamsdonkveer. That festival has grown up now to a very famous yearly 3-days-festival. But not only the festival evolved… This band also took a step forward and plays their Zydeco-music in a very professional way. They already have 3 cd’s out: “Fais-Do-Do” (live), “Zydekosis” and “Zydeco Zity”. That last one came out in 2003 and it really rocks! The sound is modern, but that real Zydeco-sound surely is intact. They bring you nice Zydeco-arrangements from the Cajun songs “Bayou Teche Teche” and “Points Aux Pins”. The Keith Frank-tracks (“You’re Breaking My Heart” and “Hold On To It”) and the Sean Ardoin-songs (“New School, Old School” and “Pullin’”) are pure Zydeco, but will also surely be liked by people who love Ska-music. Clifton Chenier (“I’m Coming Home” and “Josephine N’est Pas Ma Femme”) and John Delafose (“I Don’t Want”) are well recalled on this cd and if Johnny still can’t dance while hearing this version of “Papa Johnny”, then he really has a big problem… A nice surprise is the Zydeco-version of Paul Simon’s “That Was Your Mother” and with “Zydeco Zity” they bring a nice up-tempo ode to Raamsdonkveer’s festival. Also including are “Crawfish Song” (“Crawdad Hole”), “Madame Cocobo” and “Good Music”. This surely is a nice danceable cd from a nice Dutch band. Lookin’ forward to meet these guys again at Raamsdonkveer on 11th, 12th and 13th June, 2004! Of course we’ll inform you about the whole program, as soon as we know more…

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Added : 12 8, 2003

style : Zydeco

Zydecoal was formed in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, early 1994. These men take all their musical influences together and play it their own way, which results in some very danceable rockin’ Zydeco-music. On their cd’s they bring exactly the same “live atmosphere” as on stage. So far they have 2 cd’s out. The first one “Where There’s Coal, There’s Fiyo”, was released in 1997. With this one it was already clear, Zydecoal stands for Zydeco, Rock, Blues and a bit of Cajun and Country music. They also surprise with nice chosen songs, such as “Same Old Song”, Chuck Berry’s “C’est La Vie” and Chris Jagger’s “Blow The Zydeco”. On their second cd “Seedy”, from 2002, I especially noticed a technical advance (also on the sound). Again they surprise with a kind of Buckwheat Zydeco-styled version of Mark Knopfler’s “Walk Of Life”. Great fiddles can be heard on “Cajun Cookin’” and they bring you very good rhythmic versions from “Who Stole The Hot Sauce”, and Clifton Chenier’s “Hot Tamale Baby” & “All Night Long”. And also, as on the first cd, you can hear some original stuff, like on the nice danceable “Sugarloaf Zydeco”. This band will surely make all Zydeco, Blues- and Rock-fans dance their socks out of their knees!

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Added : 12 6, 2003
Kenneth Thibodeaux killed

style : Cajun

Kenneth Thibodeaux, leader of the Cajun Dance Band, died in a tragic incident, December 1, 2003. He has been shot by his father-in-Law. The murder appears to have stemmed from a shooting incident that occurred in May 2003 of which both men were involved.
His father-in-law shot Kenneth with a deer rifle before shooting and killing himself with a hand gun.
Thibodeaux was truly dedicated to Cajun music. He not only led a Cajun band, he also handled the sound system every Saturday evening at the Liberty Theater, and he had also been in charge of booking bands for the Liberty show. In addition, he organized Cajun jam sessions and taught accordion.
His death is a major loss to traditional Cajun music, to the efforts to preserve the culture, and to the City of Eunice.

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Added : 12 3, 2003
Abshire, Leo

style : Cajun

Leo Abshire is a very big name in the Cajun world! This brilliant cajun fiddler, who is a cousin from the famous singer-accordionist Nathan Abshire, played with DL Menard, Joe Bonsall, Eddie LeJeune, August Broussard, Aldus Roger, etc. Here is the whole biography (with thanks to Leo and Zula Abshire) from a big legend, still alive & fiddlin'...
Leo Abshire was born on July 27, 1933 to Oza LeBlanc and Clomaire Abshire in Kaplan, Louisiana and resides in Gueydan, LA. He married Rosa Broussard (now deceased) on November 22, 1952. Eight (8) children were born from this union; Patricia, Romana, Leo Jr., Jeremy (deceased), Roxanne, Kevin, Anita and Keith (deceased). He is now married to Zula Foster, who has two daughters; Brenda, (Mrs. Paul Gerald Hebert) and Schalacey. A veteran of the Korean War he still serves his country as an Honor Guard for the VFW and American Legion.
His love for music started at the age of seven. His only means of music in those days was from listening attentively to the radio. And from there on he has become a self-accomplished violinist. At the beginning of his career he played and recorded with the famous late Mr. Joe Bonsall (a cherished friend) for twenty years. His first recording, however, was with August Broussard and The Calcasieu Ramblers. He recorded with John Oliver and Dillard Duplechian on Gold Band Records in Lake Charles. He has played with D.L. Menard, Eddie LeJeune (son of the late Ira LeJeune); the late Aldus Roger and The Lafayette Playboys, the late Milton Adams, Joe Simon, Horace Trahan and The Fa-Tras Cajun Show Band. He has his own band, “Leo Abshire & The Ole Tymers Cajun Band” which includes himself; Ray Abshire or Reggie Matte, accordion and vocals; Morris Newman, drums and vocals; Errol Guilbeau, rhythm guitar and vocals and Haas Hargrave, bass guitar. The band has cut a C.D. and cassette with ten old time favorite songs named “The Ole Tymers Cajun Band”. What you hear on the C.D. is their style of music (strictly traditional French) at all times. The band has an upcoming C.D. Ray Abshire and Leo Abshire are cousins and decendents of the late and famous accordion player, Nathan Abshire.
With his musical talent he has toured around the world twice, having had the honor to perform for the Queen of England, Princess DI, President Clinton, has played at Carnagie Hall, played for the opening ceremonies at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. In 1998 he spent a month touring England, Austria, Slovenia, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Wales and Italy, with Eddie LeJeune and The Morse Playboys. In November 1998 he traveled to Paris, France with Horace Trahan, productions of “French Music Agent, Eric Martin”, where they performed at several theatres in different parts of France. During this tour he taught advanced adults at several French Universities. He teaches violin at universities across the United States and abroad and has students from all over the world that come to study under his tutorship at home. He is a craftsman and an artisan, a Cajun fiddle player, fabricator, repairman and instructor. His love is music; to play it and teach the art to young people and adults alike.

The Cajun French Music Association, Lake Charles Chapter, paid tribute to him by inducting him into the "CFMA Hall of Fame” on November 8, 1998, for his many contributions as a fiddle player in the field of Cajun music. The sponsor for this event was Vermilion Bank and Trust, Gueydan, LA.
In July 1999 the officials of Gueydan, LA bestowed a great honor upon him, when they designated him “Honoree” at their “1999 Centennial Celebration” as one of the most talented musical citizen from the Gueydan community.
He has won many first place awards and trophies in fiddle contests. The latest he has entered and won first place was on October 16, 1999, at the Rice Festival in Crowley, LA. Because he has been out of the country in the past several years he has not been able to enter the contests, however he plans to do so again and regain his title.
The “Acadian Museum of Erath”, an Acadian Heritage & Culture Foundation, Inc., inducted him in “THE ORDER OF LIVING LEGENDS” on February 24, 2001. Kermit Bouillion is the Museums Board of Director. Brett Denais, of Milton, LA, an 18-year-old talented accordion player, singer, good friend and protégée’ made the nomination.
His latest and greatest tribute was helping Phil Underwood from London, England do a benefit on May 13, 2001 at Cecil Sharp House, London, England for the late accordion player, “Eddie LeJeune”, who died January 9, 2001. Leo and Eddie grew up together, traveled and played music together and were best of friends for many years.
“The Ole Tymers Cajun Band” recently recorded four tracks on two albums with Doug Kershaw, “The Louisiana Man”, named “CAJUN – SWEET HOME LOUISIANA”. Ray Abshire, Leo’s cousin played accordion on this C.D. (Leo and Ray both being descendents of the late and great Nathan Abshire. It came out November 20, 2001 in 32 countries. March 23, 2002 Leo delivered a custom made fiddle to Doug Kershaw, ( a fiddle of Doug’s choice), which was an honor to do.
He has played at countless festivals; Strawberry Festival, Connetecut; Carrefour Mondial de Accordion, Montmagny, Canada; Texas Folklife Festival, University of Texas at San Antonio; Francofete 1999, Lafayette, LA; Mardi Gras in May 2002 & 2003, produced by Cedric Benoit, Branson, MO; Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Festival Acadian, International Festival, Lafayette, LA and many others.

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Added : 11 30, 2003
Red Stick Ramblers, the

style : Various

This band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana was formed in 2000, but they already produced 2 great cd’s (“The Red Stick Ramblers” and “Bring It On Down”). The Red Stick Ramblers already is one of the top American roots bands! They play great songs from swing to cajun music and everything in between… It’s all played in the good ol’ traditional way.
If you like Western Swing, Cajun, Old-Time Country, traditional Jazz, etc., you’ll love this band… They put al these styles in their music and play it all in a very fresh way. This band is the great result from putting some very good musicians together, with large interests in different traditional music styles.
The Red Stick Ramblers are: Josh Caffery, Glenn Fields, Chas Justus, Joel Savoy (eldest son of Marc and Ann Savoy), Linzay Young and Eric Frey.

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Added : 11 30, 2003
Femmes d'Enfer, Les

style : Cajun

This all-women-Seattle-Cajun-band started up in 1994. The same year, in September they had their first gig, which was at the Seattle Tilth Harvest Festival.
Since then, these “ladies from hell” worked hard to learn a great repertoire of traditional Cajun, Creole and Zydeco music, but they also write some real good original stuff.
Les Femmes d’Enfer is a lively entertaining act on stage but also already distributed their talents on 2 cd’s.
Both cd’s were recorded and mixed very well for the Swing Cat label.
The first cd came out in 1999. With the great traditional Cajun starter “T’en As Eu, T’en Auras Plus”, followed by the brilliant played instrumental fiddle tune “Reel de Courville”, you already hear that these ladies have a real love for the music they play! Other Cajun favourites, such as “Old-Fashioned Two-Step”, “Lacassine Special”, “The Back Door”, “Jongle A Moi” and the instrumental “Amédé Two-Step” are all, very well played, present on this debut cd. Good Zydeco is to be heard on the songs Boozoo/Bassette (originally from the Zydeco-star with the beautiful coloured Cajun-accordions, Boozoo Chavis) and on the self penned (by guitar player Laurie J. Hampton) “Saturday Night Two-Step”. Also written by that same Laurie is the (bit Irish inspired) Cajun waltz “Alexina Rie”, which is dedicated to that lovely little daughter (from who there’s a very cute picture on the back sleeve) and “Toutes Les Nuits” (a beautiful Cajun-folk song). “Pa Janvier” and “Chère Bassette” are 2 other beautiful slower Cajun traditionals on this cd and with what other song than “Les Flammes d’Enfer” could Les Femmes d’Enfer better finish their debut cd???
To my pleasure, when I read the names of the band members on their second cd “Femmes!” (2003), I saw the same names as on the first cd. This is a nice proof of their friendship, which leads to the spontaneous enthusiasm that can be heard on their songs. Well, to be honest, there’s one name, Julia Henderson, that changed to Julia Gibson. But, don’t worry! It’s still the same lady who’s taking care of the “tee fer” (triangle), rubboard and some vocals. The only change is, that she’s married now with Mr. Michael Gibson. Some pictures of their wedding can be seen at http://home1.gte.net/jdhend/wedding.htm . At their wedding (next to Les Femmes d’Enfer), a rockabilly band, named Dusty 45’s (see “bands”) was putting the flame in the party. Congratulations Michael and Julia!
The cd starts with a brilliant instrumental fiddle reel (“Femmes”) that really brings your mind straight to the Louisiana swamps. While the fiddles from the first track are dancing on the rhythm of the guitar, double bass and triangle (to create that typical traditional Cajun sound), the Cajun accordion is strongly supported by the washboard on the second track “Chère Ici, Chère Là-Bas, which is a rockin’ “zydecajun” traditional, known by “Bois Sec” Ardoin & Canray Fontenot. Great version here by these ladies! Their versions from Cajun traditionals, such as Midland Two-Step, Enterre-Moi Pas (instrumental version), Indien Sur Le Chicot, Jolie Blonde, Valse De Grand Mamou, Blues De Port Arthur, Octa Clark’s “La Valse Des Ecrevisse” and (as on the first cd, again) the self-penned Saturday Night Two-Step (a great fresh danceable zydecajun song, written by Laurie, who also wrote the atmospheric folk song “Fais Do-Do Waltz” on this cd) also belong to my favourite tracks from the cd. Starting out with Julia playing the flute, Les Femmes play a nice version from the famous French children song “J’ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard Et La Belette”. I also like to mention the remarkable version from Canray Fontenot’s “Tes Parents Veulent Plus Me Voir”. To make the party complete, “Femmes!” also serves you the great “Lache-Pas La Patate” (written by Clifford Trahan, also known as rockabilly singer Pee-Wee Trahan, as Jericho Jones and as country singer Johnny Blaine…), the Cajun two-step traditionals “Eunice Two-Step” and “’tit Galop Pour La Pointe Aux Pins” and finish with “Bonsoir Moreau” (also known from Bois Sec Ardoin and Canray Fontenot).
Well, I guess that’s enough to convince you “The Women From Hell” play music from heaven! Don’t hesitate to contact these very friendly ladies to book them for your festival or to buy their cd’s.

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Added : 11 24, 2003

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