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The main reason for my first visit to Louisiana was purely musical. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of those Cajun-songs in their original environment. During my visit also the interest in the whole Cajun-culture grew. Although their ancestors had a hard time, the Cajuns are a proud and optimistic folk. This site is made to promote that great music from Southwest Louisiana's "Cajun Country". On the Cajun Corner, you'll find information about Cajun, Zydeco & Swamp Pop music from in and outside Louisiana.
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Added : 4 26, 2006
Hackberry Rambler Edwin Duhon passed away

Edwin Duhon, co-founder of The Hackberry Ramblers, passed away on Sunday, February 26, 2006. He was 95. In 1933, Duhon formed The Hackberry Ramblers along with fiddler Luderin Darbone, who survives him. Initially, Duhon played acoustic guitar; he went on to play electric guitar, piano, upright bass, harmonica, and accordion, at various times, focusing solely on the accordion in the mid-1990s. Duhon's last performance was in November, 2005, at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge. Although quite ill, he gave it one hundred percent, as always.

Edwin Duhon will be sorely missed.

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Added : 3 1, 2006

I wish you all a crazy Cajun Mardi Gras!

Added : 2 28, 2006
Pine Leaf Boys – La Musique

style : Cajun

Good ol’ Cajun music will never die! That’s my conclusion again after hearing this new CD on Arhoolie by this young Cajun band. This band includes 5 very talented Cajun musicians who are living as good friends together in Lafayette. Singer-accordionist (and fiddler along with Cedric Watson) Wilson Savoy indeed is a son of master Marc Savoy. As they say the apple don’t fall far from the tree, this guy is also full of talent. And with Cedric Watson, Jon Bertrand, Drew Simon and Blake Miller by his side, this band just can’t go wrong! The fact that this band includes 3 real good Cajun singers (Wilson Savoy, Cedric Watson and Drew Simon) surely is an extra bonus!
“La Musique” opens with a great short up-tempo song “Pine Leaf Boy Two-Step”, written by Wilson Savoy. The second track is a fantastic version of Aldus Roger’s “I’m Not Lonesome Anymore”, which is quite up-tempo for a waltz. Fiddler Cedric Watson made a real lively folkloric version of “La Belle Josette”. Milton Adams’ “New Family Waltz” is an emotional waltz-ballad in real Dewey Balfa-style. Legendary Iry LeJeune is honoured with “Blues de Bosco” and the wonderful “La Branche de Murier” (“Mulberry Waltz”). “Hommage à Poullard” is a nice medley as homage to Danny and Eddie Poullard. With “La Valse de Vieux Charpentier” and “Les Barres de la Prison” the Pine Leaf Boys made 2 fine fiddle tunes by Creole fiddler Canray Fontenot. With “Festival Acadien Waltz” singer-drummer Drew Simon made a nice arrangement of Octa Clark’s “Jamboree Waltz”. Cedric Watson put his own words (and vocals) on “Two Step de Tante Nana” which results in a cheerful “Chez Moreau”. “I’ll Have To Forget You” is one of the many brilliant Belton Richard-songs. This one is also real well done by the Pine Leaf Boys. “Valse de Josephine” is Cajun in the good ol’ traditional style. This brilliant CD close out with a great danceable “Lawtell Two-Step”.


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Added : 1 29, 2006
The Porchdogs

style : Cajun

The Porchdogs are from Florida and were formed in 1992. Their music style includes Cajun, Zydeco, Country, Blues and Rock.
On their website you can buy their compilation-CD, which include 20 fine tracks.
Next to a nice fiddle-instrumental as opener, it includes mostly classics, such as Jolie Blonde, Jambalaya, Battle Of New Orleans, Big Mamou, Keep A Knocking, Allons A Lafayette, Step It Fast, Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot, Hello Josephine, Orange Blossom Special, etc.
The Porchdogs surely is a fine party-band. If I’ll ever be in Florida again, I’ll surely will look where to find this band on stage.

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Added : 1 20, 2006
Vince Anthony – “Please Mr. Santa”

style : Swamp-pop

Merry Chistmas from Vince Anthony! This famous Swamp Pop singer (since the 60’s) is still very active. He just surprised me with a brand new Christmas-CD on Midnight Gold Music. The CD includes 8 Christmas songs: 4 covers and 4 originals. Opener is a real good Swamp Pop version of Buck Owens’ “Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy”. The same pleasant bayou atmosphere comes out of his version of Charles Brown’s ballad “Please Come Home For Christmas”. Vince let us hear some nice swinging crooners with “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” (from Johnny Marks) and “Jingle Bell Rock” (from Jim Boothe & Joe Beal), both fifties songs. He added a bit of a Louis Prima-sound on his version of “Jingle Bell Rock”. Following are 4 new original tracks by Vince Anthony. “Please Mr. Santa” is fine rhythmic Soul-music. With “A Soldier’s Christmas Day”, an emotional ballad, Vince reach into the soul of an American soldier in Iraq. “Santa’s Gonna Boogie” is a real rockin’ song about the youthful side of Santa Claus. You can see him dance the boogie-woogie while you listen to this track. “It’s Not Christmas Anymore” is another original in the style of Tom Jones’ successful music.
Vince Anthony and Midnight Gold Music dedicate this CD to the soldiers and their families and also to all people who were affected by natural disasters from hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


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Added : 12 24, 2005
Chris Miller and Bayou Roots

style : Cajun

This band, based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has good reasons to be proud of this brand new self-titled CD. Chris Miller is a wonderful all-round musician. Next to his great vocals and song-writing talent, he also plays accordions, fiddle, harmonica, piano and percussion. The name “Bayou Roots” comes from a restaurant where this band regularly played. “Bayou Roots Special”, the CD-opener, is a sort of Theme-song for the band. Written by Chris Miller, this beauty is a bit in the style of the Cajun music from Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys. “La Valse d’Espoir”, also written by Chris Miller, is a pure Cajun waltz. As in the first song, special guest Marty Broussard also added some real nice dobro-work here. Following is a great version of Canray Fontenot’s “Bee de la Manche”. Chris Miller also made a real nice folkloric sounding vocal-tune from the instrumental “Ton Tit Bec Est Doux”. A great version from a great song from the Touchet Family is following: “Old Fashioned Two-Step”. (This beauty has also been recorded by the Balfa Brothers…) “Deux Contredanses” and “One-Step de Bashoot LeBlanc”, 2 very fine Cajun-instrumentals, demonstrate how well Chris can handle his different instruments. “Please Stay Dance” is a pure Zydeco-song written by Chris Miller. Very well done again, Chris! Louis Cormier is honoured with a real good version of “Tante Adèle”, a beautiful Cajun waltz. Chris Miller wrote another nice Cajun waltz with “La Belle Dans Mes Rêves”. My personal favourite on this high-quality CD is “In The Pines”. This outstanding version shows the link between old-time “Honky Tonk-” Country and Cajun music. “Yon-Yon Boogie” and “The Leavin’s Always Easier” are 2 nice originals from Chris Miller. It’s both good rockin’ Swamp Pop with the addition of Zydeco-accordions. More Zydeco-accordions on Chris’ arrangement of the traditional instrumental “Zydeco Breakdown”. In “Dansez Codinne” Chris let his 4 children take care of the vocals. (I wished he would have filmed this…) Nathan Abshire is also honoured with a great version of his wonderful classic “Choupique Two-Step”.
This CD includes great modern and traditional Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Pop.
All lyrics are included!


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Added : 12 19, 2005
Bayou Mosquitos

style : Tex Mex

The Bayou Mosquitos is a quartet from Holland. This party-band plays a wide variety of roots-music, situating around Tex-Mex, Cajun, Zydeco, Country, Blues and Folk. Their CD “Con alma y vida” came out in 2003. It includes a few original tracks (such as their nice Cajun inspired “A La Ville”) and personal interpretations of other songs. Their version of “Jolie Louise”, is dominated by a well sounding dobro by Abel de Lange. “Un Mojada Sin Licensia”, from Don Santiago Jiménez Sr., sounds real fine out of Rik Verhorst’s 3-row Hohner Corona Tex-Mex accordion. The Bayou Mosquitos also play a nice version of John Fogerty’s “Lookin’ Out My Backdoor”. It’s played acoustic, except for the electric guitar breaks, who are bringing the Country-atmosphere in the song. These mosquitos also show their very own view on songs like “Cajun Baby”, “Mercury Blues” and even “Rivers Of Babylon”. For more info on this band, check out their website.

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Added : 12 12, 2005
Zydeco-Playboys – “Superficial Satisfaction?”

style : Zydeco

The Zydeco-Playboys can be found on stage since 1994. Playing in my CD-player right now, is their second and newest CD “Superficial Satisfaction?”. I’m very surprised about the good sound of this German band. The songs are not only really professionally played, but also very well made. Thirteen out of fifteen tracks are originals, mostly written by singer-accordionist Oliver E. Kraus.
“Vamos Danzar Tejano” is a wonderful Tex-Mex track made in Germany. It’s so good, they should play/write more of that Tex-Mex stuff… I guess everyone goes crazy on the dance floor, while the Zydeco-Playboys are playing this. “What You’re Awaitin’ For?” is another masterpiece from Oliver E. Kraus. It’s a great fresh Zydeco-pop song, very danceable and melodic. “Oh Rosalina”, a real nice Zydeco Roots-Rock(‘n’ Roll) song, is another original and brings a bit of a Los Lobos-atmosphere. The style of their “Cajun Boots” makes me think a bit at Texan band The Tailgators. It’s real good Swamp Rock’n’Roll with a Zydeco breeze on it.
There’s a lot of variation and inspiration coming out of this band. Check out their website!


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Added : 12 6, 2005
Cedric Benoit – “Louisiana”

style : Zydeco

Cedric Benoit grew up in Kaplan, Louisiana but has spent the past 19 years entertaining in Branson, Missouri. Talking about entertaining, Cedric has a brand new CD “Louisiana” out on Rock N’ Diamond Records.
There’s a lot of variation in Cedric Benoit’s songs. Without any rules of structure, his songs evolve the way he feels it should evolve at the moment (which sometimes includes nice surprises for the listener). But this doesn’t mean it results in a total disorder. His changes in rhythm and genre during his songs are all very professionally done. All the musicians you hear on this CD have a high technical potential. Cedric put the same variation in his vocals, which sometimes makes me think a bit at Doug Kershaw during his later days. With a lot of humor he sings, screams and shouts in a lot of different styles.
On this CD (with 19 tracks) you’ll find Zydeco, Cajun, Swing, Country, Blues, Soul, Swamp Pop and sometimes a mix of all this at once.
Most of the songs are originals, handmade by Cedric Benoit.


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Added : 12 2, 2005

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